Trading education was necessary

Given the fact that I really wanted to become financially independent, that trading was a way to achieve that but that my trading was not going the way I wanted it to, I decided to approach it as if it were a real profession. To learn a profession, you need education and to become good in a profession you need experience.  I wanted to treat trading as if it was a business, and I wanted to become successful in that business.

To do so, I started to look for education options. A lot of stuff is available online, for free or against payment. As I wanted a more structured approach I decided to go for a paid course,  rather than giving money in the markets while learning the skills necessary.

During my research, I stumbled upon videos from a certain Jason Stapleton on YouTube. The first video I saw was “Into the grey“, and I was really impressed by his teaching style : down-to-earth, straightforward, not promising any “Get-rich-quick” schemes. So I looked further into his videos that were freely available and found the same qualities there.

After checking his website I decided to go for one of his trainings (Pro Trader Course) in order to get educated on trading. I am in no way affiliated with Trade Empowered and have no interest in promoting them, however I can say that I am very happy now that I took this decision. The course not only offered technical analysis training (structure and harmonic pattern trading) but also trading psychology, trading plan development, strategy labs, money and risk management and much more … and all of that for a very reasonable price. A truly solid base for everyone who is thinking about taking trading and is looking for a structured course that covers all aspects of forex trading. Of course free education can go a long way as well, but I’m the kind of person that needs a more structured approach.

As you can never know enough about trading and the markets, this is not the only training I went through, but more on that later. Fact is that if you really want to become a professional trader, you should invest in your business and education is something that really pays off … Whether it is a paid course of freely available education, it’s better than throwing money at the markets hoping you will learn.

If in doubt about whether you should spend some money on trading education, ask yourself this question : How much is my financial freedom worth to me ?

Hope this article was useful and I thank you for reading it !


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