How it all started

Somewhere in January 2014 I stumbled upon a video from Robert Kiyosaki about finacial education and how to get out of the “rat race”, the daily routine of going to work, trying to save a little money and try to take care of a pension. ┬áThinking about what I just saw, I thought it really made sense, so I started to watch more of his videos, and read a couple of his books, starting with Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

At that time I did not really have an idea how I could start implementing his advice, apart from saving money before you start spending. By coincidence, at that time I was looking for a better job and got invited for an interview for a trading company Plus500. The interview did not really go the way I wanted to and I did not get the job but the link between trading and becoming financially free was established at that point. I signed up for a demo account on Plus500 and started trading CFD’s (Contracts for difference).

Initially I had very little success making that demo account grow as I knew virtually nothing about the markets and just placed trades in the direction I though a certain index or commodity would go. I regularly had to top up my demo account as my methods were very crappy.

I don’t have to tell you that I was frustrated by these results but it made me more determined than ever to find a way to make it work. My financial freedom was at stake here and I would make sure that dream came true. I realized that I needed some trading education and started my online search.

More on the search for education in the next post. Thanks for reading !


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